Food and Fabric Fun While Being #SaferAtHome

Have you ever wondered how to tell a hard-boiled egg from an uncooked egg without cracking it open? Watch my hubby explain and then try it at home.

How to Tell If an Egg Is Fresh or Hard-Boiled


Have you ever wondered why you can’t smell when your nose is stuffed up, yet your tongue can still taste, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami (savory)? Check out this fun food activity to learn more.

Test Your Sense of Smell


Yellow onion skins help give chicken broth a beautiful golden color. I figured that out when making these naturally dyed eggs using an assortment of foods to make the dyes. Give it a try.

To Dye For: Making Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

The next year, I invited a few young friends over and we figured out how to add more colors to our repertoire.

The next year,  I took a DEEP DIVE into the fridge, my backyard, and my imagination, and my kitchen became a color laboratory.

Some of the eggs did not take up the color. I redipped those eggs into an indigo dye bath. Wow! These shades of blue were delightful.

The cotton boll on the right did not take up color as well as the eggs. That led to the deepest dive of all: growing a crop of indigo and traveling to a Kentucky farm to learn how to get the indigo dye to stick to cotton. That took a little chemistry. It was a colorful adventure.

How to Make Indigo Blue Dye

There was one more project to try with natural dyes — learn how to tie and dye fabric squares and make a quilt. This post is one of the most popular of all at Judy’s Chickens.

Group Project: A Shibori Dyed Quilt

This cake from My Name is Yeh, made with natural food dyes, is one I will try in the near future.

naturally colored rainbow cake

This cake is definitely in my future.

Old-Timey Vanilla Bunny Cake

Christians, Jews, and Muslims will be contemplating Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this month. Most of us will be acknowledging these holiest of times differently this year. Whether you are alone or with whoever makes up your family group, may you experience peace, love, recovery if sick, and continued health if well.

I was blessed to have my friend, Mary Carter, of Award-Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies fame, gift me with a handmade face mask with unicorns on the fabric “for magical powers.”

My plan this week is to pay it forward and make a few more.

Take care,

P.S. Check out my list of movies to watch while #SaferAtHome:

Upbeat Movies to Watch While Social-Distancing

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17 thoughts on “Food and Fabric Fun While Being #SaferAtHome

  1. Hi Judy: As always I welcomed your wonderful blog, but wanted you to know how much this brightened my day. Am so in awe of your talent and creative energy. Ashby and I are hunkered down, and hopeful that we will see better times soon. We send best to you both Annie Moncure

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I always love hearing from you, Annie. Glad you and Ashby are well. I walked over to Buz’s yesterday to give him gardening advice. I miss Wendy so much, but if I can’t have her, Buz is the next best person to keep me close to her spiritually. Thank you for the compliments; I’m glad I’m well enough to partake in the activities that bring me joy. xoJudy

  2. Judy, this is a beautiful post. Your storytelling, instructional details, and pictures are phenomenal. Much love to you!

    1. Thank you, Nancy, so very good to hear from you. Haven’t been to the lake in a long while. There is lots to do in my one-acre homestead that brings me peace, joy, satisfaction, and time with Kelly. We facetime with the grands once or twice a day and that rounds out my days. Love to you and Michael and thanks for writing. xoJudy

  3. Great post Judy!! I loved your husband’s experiment. There is nothing better than having young kids around to color eggs with, right? Many blessings to you and your family during this holy week.

    1. Thank you, Regina! Enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. I am missing having young kids in the house to color eggs this year, and happy that my son and DIL take the time to Facetime with us every day. Happy Easter to you and yours, as well. Judy

      1. Judy!!! You were on my mind yesterday! I made the salmon sheet pan recipe for dinner. I used two nice sized pieces of sockeye salmon, and fresh asparagus and potatoes from a local farm. OMG!! I wanted to share a quarter with my mama, but there was none left!! My son said MOM, make those potatoes again. While I did not use yellow (they were in my farm box delivery), I used very thin-skinned red potatoes and they were tender, browned and buttery. Seriously, it is one of our favorite and most popular recipes!

      2. Gosh, thank you. It makes me feel good when people like my recipes. I’m glad your family enjoyed it, as well. I need to post that recipe on my blog, too.
        Much thanks, Judy

  4. Judy you are amazing! I could learn so much from you about so many things!

    Thank you,


    1. Maureen- Thank You. I feel the same way about YOU! I so enjoy learning about gardening from you (and Patty). Your house is beginning to feel like home to me! I think of you every time I walk by my Jerusalem Artichoke patch. I just got a letter from Greta to say my chicken episode on Volunteer Gardener will broadcast on April 16th!! Take care, stay in touch and Happy Easter. xoJudy

  5. Hi Judy! Thanks for taking the time to write your many posts, especially these uplifting ones! Your recipes, gardening tips, happy movie suggestions, and all-around interesting & friendly posts are wonderful. Wished I lived closer to you! Stay Healthy & Happy, Laurie in San Juan Capistrano, California

    1. Thank you Laurie in San Juan Capistrano! Such a nice note to receive. Thank you for taking the time to write. I so appreciate. I try to keep the blog a happy place. I have a cousin, two neighbors, and a friend fighting COVID in the hospital and I am grateful to be healthy at home with my husband, dog, and projects. Please be healthy and happy, too.

  6. Judy,

    I’ve always been an admirer of yours, but now I’m an all out Fangirl. The eggs are gorgeous – even more, the story of experimentation and materials you used, the photos… I swoon!!

    Thank you for another priceless gift, in the truest spirit of Easter.

    p.s. are you creating a book? It would be glorious.

    Be well, Kate

    1. Dear Kate,
      Gosh, you sure know how to make a person feel really, really, good. THANK YOU many times over.
      I’m wondering what you like to do. Similar activities, I imagine.

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