How to Tell If an Egg Is Fresh or Hard-Boiled


A few days ago my husband, the physics major, taught me a new trick: how to tell if an egg is hard-boiled without cracking it open. It’s hard to believe I’ve gotten this far in my life without knowing this.

This video doesn’t exist

Now, go and give it a try!


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21 thoughts on “How to Tell If an Egg Is Fresh or Hard-Boiled

  1. That makes perfect sense! Of course. Why is this not common knowledge? How did I get to be this old and NOT know this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great info! Many times I have mixed hard boiled and fresh only to find out my memory is like a rotten egg – difficult to make egg salad with a raw egg – lol

  3. I did know this one. But I learned one more trick with hard cooked eggs. I often leave some cooked for my husband when I’m going to be away. I saw someone take a pencil and write the date they were cooked on the shell. So sometimes I do this now. Then he can tell how long they’ve been in the fridge. I don’t trust his memory!

    1. Great idea, Mimi! Never thought to do that. My friend Grace sent me a message and said she writes an “H” with a sharpie on hers. I love these ideas. Thanks, as always!

  4. I thought this was common knowledge, must be common knowledge amongst us OLD farm gals!.
    Next question is how do you tell a rotten egg from a fresh one?

    1. Thankful it’s never too late to learn something new. Back in 6th grade, my Home Ec teacher told us never to crack an egg open into our mixing bowl, we were to always open it over a different bowl in case it was rotten. In my many years of cooking, I’ve only come across one rotten egg and I’m so glad I was still following her rule. That probably didn’t answer your question 🙂

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