How to Make a Thaw Detector for the Freezer


Have you ever wondered how you would know if the food in a freezer you visit infrequently had thawed and refrozen after a power outage? With this handy-dandy, nifty-thrifty thaw detector in your freezer you won’t have to wonder ever again.

It is simple to make. We found these cups and lids at a salad bar at Kroger.

Fill the cups with water and place in the freezer.


When water is frozen, place a coin on top of the ice and put the lid on.


Place the covered cup back in the freezer.


With this thaw detector, as long as the coin stays on top there hasn’t been a thaw of significance.

My nerdy husband who devised this contraption says, “Coin on top, food’s not slop. Coin on bottom, food is rotten.” If you can think of a better slogan, post a comment!


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