Herb Porch Pots!

Do you like to cook with fresh herbs whenever possible? ✔︎

Do you need plants to fill your front entryway flower pots right now? ✔︎

Do you hate it when you buy fresh herbs, put them on your windowsill and then slowly watch them wilt and die before you ever get to use them? ✔︎

Do you think purple flowers and green foliage are a gorgeous color combo? ✔︎

I do, too. Why not fill your front porch containers with cool weather herbs and pansies?  They’ll be easy to water because of their proximity to your house, and they’ll make you happy every time you walk in the front door.


Ingredients for each flower pot:
1 arugula plant (for height)
1 rosemary plant
1 sage plant
1 oregano plant
1 parsley plant
1 cilantro or basil plant (spring: cilantro, summer: basil)
3 pansy or marigold plants (spring: pansy, summer: marigold)


Fill each flower pot with dirt. I put a 6-inch layer of foam packaging peanuts in the bottom of each pot. Arrange plants by putting the tallest in the center and the thin, floppy plants along the rim.

If and when the plants start to get leggy, I’ll move them to my herb garden.

The view from inside the house looking out the window is just as happy.

Herb Garden pot

Please post a photo of your herb porch pot on Instagram with the hashtag #judyschickensporchpots


Introducing the Summer Porch Pot as seen on Edible Nashville!


Doubles as a centerpiece!



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