A tomato plant in every yard and a twenty-quart saucepan in every kitchen. That’s the way it was growing up with four Sicilian grandparents, a mother, and a bunch of aunties and cousins who were all fabulous cooks. With six brothers, three sons, and now a grandson, this blog started as a way to record and share our family’s traditional recipes with them. It has since expanded to also include an exploration of where food comes from, from backyard kitchen gardens to commercial farms.With that in mind, here are some of the people whose names you will see over and over again in my stories.

My mom: Mary. Mother of six sons and one daughter, me. Every afternoon around two o’clock, she would start talking about what we were going to make for dinner. Veggies were her specialty and a daily trip to the farmstand was a must for her.  Twenty years ago she painted the watercolor of a chicken that is now the logo for my blog. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do! We had lots of fun together.
RI 2007 judy mom

Mom’s mother: Marion, aka Grandma. Seen here on her Schwinn three-wheeler. She made the best meatballs and sauce, and everything else. She taught all the women in the family how to apply face cream “gently, Darling.”
old family photos old family photos Maira Giordano

My great grandmother: Maria, aka Mamanika. Seen here with her Revereware sauce and soup pot that doubled as a mixing bowl for her legendary “S” and fig cookies. She loved to shock people. Her husband’s name was Papalouie. They filled a room.
Mamamarika making s cookies

Mom’s baby sister: Rachelle, aka Auntie. Grandma was 48 when she had her. Thus, she is more big sister than aunt to me. We grew up as neighbors in the coastal community of Bay View in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She is shown here on Christmas Eve making the Sicilian Seven Fishes. Like Mamanika, she fills a room with love and joy.
making seven fishes

Hubby: Kelly, aka Pop, Pappy, and The Biscuit King. He loves exploring the countryside and visiting farms with me and intuitively knows when to slow down for a good photo op. His logical approach to life tempers my passionate approach and vice versa. There is a reason he is known as The Rock to so many. To know him is to love him.

Texting while cooking.
judy sauce

I have loved my Italian heritage and look forward to passing on my passion for growing food, cooking, and bringing people together around the dinner table.

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18 thoughts on “About

  1. love to learn you are doing this! i’m cofident this will be a blog that i follow regulary. best of luck to a
    creative and energetic gardener, farmer and cook!

  2. I enjoyed talking with you last night. I have read your blog and have signed up to receive it.
    I learned more about tomatoes than I have ever known and your descriptions plus photos
    are my new “text book”. Now I know what to plant!
    I plan to read your past posts as everything looks and sounds so interesting.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and creativity.
    Karen Bouldin

    1. Hi, Karen! It was great to catch up with you yesterday, as well. I am honored that you enjoyed my tomato blog post and have signed up to receive future blog posts. Thank you! Judy

  3. I was hoping to find out if you will be having another chicken class. I just found your USN March class and it’s full. I am super interested in joining in on one if you could let me know of a future class.
    Thank You

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