This website is a place to share what I have learned from the beautiful Italian women in my family who understood the best way to bring people together was around the dinner table. Growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard, raising chickens, cooking, knitting, sewing, and loving on us children, that is the legacy they left behind. As the only girl of seven children, I got to hang out with the women wherever they gathered. I was loved on and encouraged to try everything and I heard some great stories in the process. Today, my greatest joy is to sit at one end of the table, my husband at the other, and listen to the sounds of plates being passed and stories being shared.

The matriarch of the family was my beloved great-grandmother, Mamanika, seen here with her Revereware saucepan and soup pot that doubled as a mixing bowl for her legendary “S” cookies. She came to the U.S. through Ellis Island when she was sixteen. Sewing and knitting were skills she learned growing up in Sicily. Everyone loved her. She taught us to make seashell necklaces on the beach. She loved to shock people.

Mamamarika making s cookies Mamamarika Knitting

Her daughter, my dear grandmother, seen here on her Schwinn three-wheeler made the best spaghetti and meatballs. She was an amazing seamstress who did things like make my First Holy Communion dress. I adored everything about her, but especially the way she called me darling.

old family photos old family photos Maira Giordano

Her daughter, my mother, was beautiful, petite, tough, and a true Maker. Cooking veggies was her superpower, and a daily trip to the farmstand was a must.  Twenty years ago she painted a watercolor of a chicken that is now the logo on my blog. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t make. My favorite memories were cooking with her and the sparkle and enthusiasm that came with searching for supplies when we got an idea for a new project. I miss her every day.

RI 2007 judy mom

Mom’s baby sister, Rachelle, was more big sister than aunt to me. We grew up as neighbors in the coastal community of Bay View in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She is shown here on Christmas Eve making the Sicilian Seven Fishes dinner with the next generation of family. She fills a room with love and joy.

making seven fishes

And then there is my husband, The Biscuit King who loves exploring the countryside and visiting farms with me.  He intuitively knows when to slow down for a good photo op. His logical approach to life balances my passionate approach. To know him is to love him. His three sons and grandson love fishing, hunting, and making things with him.


Cooking for everyone in my kitchen makes me happy.
judy sauce

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33 thoughts on “About

  1. love to learn you are doing this! i’m cofident this will be a blog that i follow regulary. best of luck to a
    creative and energetic gardener, farmer and cook!

  2. I enjoyed talking with you last night. I have read your blog and have signed up to receive it.
    I learned more about tomatoes than I have ever known and your descriptions plus photos
    are my new “text book”. Now I know what to plant!
    I plan to read your past posts as everything looks and sounds so interesting.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and creativity.
    Karen Bouldin

    1. Hi, Karen! It was great to catch up with you yesterday, as well. I am honored that you enjoyed my tomato blog post and have signed up to receive future blog posts. Thank you! Judy

  3. I was hoping to find out if you will be having another chicken class. I just found your USN March class and it’s full. I am super interested in joining in on one if you could let me know of a future class.
    Thank You

  4. Judy, meeting you and the other wonderful woman in our Camellia Spinning Class was good for my soul. Your blog is funny and heartwarming. Please let us all know when you find a way to raise goats on your property!

    1. Hahaha! It was a pleasure to meet you, as well. I agree, the class and all who signed up for it were delightful. This morning, I found myself wishing I had another class to go to on this dreary Saturday morning.

  5. Hey Judy….just ran across an article you posted about Kentucky Tobacco curing barns….I wrote a book called When Tobacco Was King that you might interested in getting ..available on Amazon….would you consider mentioning it on your blog or even write an article about? It’s a great book….more info is on my website http://www.whentobaccowaskingbook.com I’d also appreciate any contacts or advice you might have as I would love to do an author talk about the book in your area to historical societies, or museums, libraries, or service clubs ……reach me at paulallen342@aol.com or 613 829-8752…….

  6. Hi there! I just found your blog from a reference made in the Soil your Undies Challenge. You mentioned a global group you’re a member of, Second Sunday Gardeners. I’m interested in joining! I saw the Fb link but I’m not very active with FB. I’m a new home owner in Nashville with a big yard I’m trying to grow into a beautiful ecosystem! As my buried y dies show, my dirt is not good! Would love to learn from your group.

  7. Hi Judy. My neighbor Marci Crawford shared your ginger cookie recipe and introduced me to your blog. I love you and have never met you! Your hometown and family stories are great!! I’ll be following you as soon as I figure out how! My Italian BFF lives in Duxbury and my east coast ancestral home is in Weekapaug RI. Where do you go in RI?
    Fondly, Mary Ann

    1. Mary Ann, I am so flattered and heartened that Marci shari my blog with you. Thank you for writing. My family lives in Tiverton, RI. I gre up in South Dartmouth, MA. Did I hear you were at Marci’s when she made the ginger cookie recipe?

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